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Earning money online all around the clock the whole year over is not easy but possible. Not easy because there are plenty fraud websites and only a few trusted, paying sites. The difficult task is to see the "good" ones and to eliminate the "bad" ones.
With my more than 10 years experience you can be sure that you are on the safe side. Before I recommend something, I check it in forums, blogs or other sources and wait until I receive my first payment.
Here are the results.

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What is ACX?

Ad Click Xpress (aka ACX) is an online advertising company that sells Advertising Packages to its Members. They cost $10 each, and they guarantee 200 visitors to a personal or business websites of your choice.
ACX also offers Members an innovative opportunity to earn money. The ACX Pay System is designed to PAY Members who purchase $10 Ad Packs the opportunity to earn $15 back in the form of Daily Sales Commissions (DSC).
To qualify to earn back 150% on Ad Pack purchases, Members must agree to view other Members' websites on the ACX Traffic Xchange each day. Ad Packs pay Variable Daily Sales Commission Rates of 2% to 10% a day. Currently, the Variable DSC Rate is 6%.
And, even though "recruiting" isn't a requirement to earn DSC, the ACX System pays Referral Commissions up to 10% on purchases made by people you introduce to ACX.

I feel that ACX is the easiest way to make money on the internet today. In fact, this system was specially designed so ANYONE could make extra income online... A Lot Of Extra Money!

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